Dmitriy Ivanov, Anna Skachko, Sergey Polyakov, Elena Кleshchina, Dang Viet Hung


Objective: The article covers current issues related to proving the facts of causing moral injury resulting from a crime under the legislation of the Russian Federation. Authors review the reason to amend the legislation of criminal procedure of the Russian Federation in order to develop a mandatory norm prescribing the mandatory appointment of a forensic examination when establishing the fact that a crime has caused moral injury expressed in additional costs incurred by damage to health.

Methods: The analysis of the provisions of the current criminal procedure law of Russia, as well as foreign countries (Great Britain), allows the authors to analyze the existing problems and propose rational ways to solve them.

Results: It has been proved that in the activities to ensure compensation for moral injury resulting from a crime, there is a justified need to use an integrated approach to the use of special knowledge to determine the nature and severity of harm caused to health.

Conclusion: The authors substantiate the conclusion that it is necessary to build a unified legal method for assessing the moral injury caused by a crime, which starts from the initiation of a criminal case, and to create guarantees of its full compensation within the framework of a single process without the court transferring decisions on the satisfaction of claims to the civil law plane.


Pre-Trial Proceedings; Evidence; Proof; Moral Injury; Investigative Actions

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