Dmitriy Ivanov, Vitaly Vasyukov, Vasily Potapov, Andrey Inyaev, Liliya Smeshkova


Objective: The article reviews the main aspects of procedural control of the head of the investigative body over the investigator’s activities to compensate for the harm caused by a crime at the stage of preliminary investigation.

 Methods: The authors study the implementation of procedural control and highlight the following sources of information on the activities of investigators to compensate for harm caused by a crime: inspection materials of crime reports; inspection materials of criminal cases (both those in progress and those in which the preliminary investigation has been suspended or terminated); complaints and appeals of citizens received by the internal affairs bodies.

 Results: The authors substantiate the thesis that in order to improve the quality of procedural control over the provision of compensation for harm caused by a crime, it seems timely and expedient to require the heads of bodies to carry out constant registration and quarterly analysis of court decisions in criminal cases in respect of property arrested at the pre-trial stages of the criminal process.

 Suggestions: The authors suggest creating an interdepartmental normative act that obliges heads of preliminary investigation bodies to constantly register and quarterly analyze court decisions regarding pre-trial seizure of property.


pre-trial proceedings; initiation of criminal proceedings; preliminary investigation; harm caused by the crime

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