Vladimir Gayduk, Aleksei Кhaliapin, Andrey Kukharenko, Vladimir Sekerin, Anna Evgenievna Gorokhova


Objective: The authors conduct an in-depth assessment of state support measures aimed at enhancing the digitalization of the agro-industrial complex. The purpose of the article is to evaluate the impact of government initiatives on the adoption of digital technologies and their potential to improve efficiency in the agricultural sector.

Methods: The research employs a comprehensive approach, including the analysis of government policies, project implementation, and financial investments in digital agriculture. The study reviews specific digital projects, evaluates their outcomes, and examines regional strategies for promoting digitalization.

Results: The study shows that government support has played a key role in advancing digitalization in the agro-industrial complex. Initiatives, such as the Digital Agriculture project, have increased agricultural productivity, reduced production costs, and attracted investments. The integration of digital technologies has automated decision-making processes, created new job opportunities, and boosted exports of agricultural products.

Conclusion: State support has driven the digital transformation of the agro-industrial complex. The results emphasize the importance of continued government efforts to promote digitalization, ensuring long-term benefits for agricultural productivity and economic growth. The research highlights the need for a coordinated approach among stakeholders and sustained investment in digital agriculture to achieve optimal outcomes in terms of sustainability and competitiveness.



Agro-Industrial Complex; Digitalization; Government Support; Project; Program; Cluster; Subcluster

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