Dmitriy Bezzubov, Kateryna Dobkina, Yevgeniya Klyuyeva, Yuliia Podolian, Olga Starodubova


Objective: The article considers the problem of investment security of aviation enterprises. The article is presented as a systematic alternative to the methodology for calculating risks and situations in the economic environment of the aviation enterprise. Methods: The category of aviation risk as an economic category of investments is considered; various dangers and risks in the aviation economy of the enterprise are systematized. The category of investments is presented taking into account the specifics of transportation of the aviation industry and the technical conditions of aviation activities. Results: The vectors of economic security in the aviation economy are analyzed; the analysis of situations in risks and dangers as probabilities of losses and losses at realization of investments is given. The company is considered as an object and subject of investment. The subjective composition of the investment security category as a component of the economic security of the aviation enterprise is presented. Conclusion: The category of the phenomenology of investment activity as an element of society and the impact of investment on the economic environment of the aviation industry is considered and analyzed for the first time. The article will be useful for experts in the field of economics, aviation and investors and analysts.


Aviation; Aviation industry; Investment activity; Investment security; Global economy

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