Vadim Avdeev, Olga Avdeeva, Stanislav Rozenko, Igor Fedulov, Dmitry Dyadkin


Objective: The article investigates the key areas to improve the effectiveness of legal means for human rights protection in the conditions of spreading ideology that promotes the development of extremist and terrorist activities. Methods: Close attention is paid to the scale of spreading extremism and terrorism ideology at transnational, interstate and national levels. Results: The focus of activity in terrorist organizations is emphasized on destruction or disruption of transport infrastructure, life support facilities, intimidation of population and committing acts of nuclear terrorism. Conclusions: It is necessary to develop a legal policy that promotes the implementation of measures to protect human rights, regardless to the nature of the political and legal system in the state. The universality of measures for the protection of human rights implies their viability in various socially interactive legal systems. The necessity to develop new approaches to justify the formation of ideology of terrorism and extremism is determined. Attention is paid to the necessity to improve legal grounds for understanding terrorism and extremism.


Human rights and freedoms; Human security; Ideology of terrorism and extremism; International legal instruments; Legal policy

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