Vadim Avdeev, Olga Avdeeva, Stanislav Rozenko, Igor Fedulov, Evgeny Kiselev


Background: The current global landscape, marked by escalating armed conflicts and human rights violations, underscores the urgent need for enhanced public and State security measures. The increasing complexity of these challenges necessitates a modernized approach to crime prevention and a societal shift towards intolerance of behaviors that threaten security.

Aim: This paper aims to identify the primary directions for ensuring security and sustainable development in modern society. It emphasizes the need to align these directions with ongoing international, inter-State, and national policies, particularly in the realms of environmental, public, and state security.

Methods: An analysis of international instruments and national legal acts is conducted to understand the evolution of security measures. This study examines trends in environmental security and focuses on strategies to counteract extremist, terrorist activities, and the illicit drug trade. It also explores the impact of globalization on security measures for socially important sectors.

Results: Key findings highlight the interconnectedness of a state's sovereignty, national security, environmental protection, and societal well-being. Issues identified include the need for effective environmental management and state-level strategies for the sustainable use of natural resources. The study also reveals inefficiencies in current environmental management mechanisms, often exacerbated by a lack of state support.

Conclusions: The paper concludes that addressing new security challenges requires a multifaceted approach. This includes strengthening anti-extremism and anti-terrorism efforts, improving international and national anti-drug policies, and focusing on eliminating corruption. Ensuring the security and sustainable development of modern society demands an integrated strategy that encompasses environmental protection, counteracting extremism, terrorism, and drug trafficking, while enhancing the welfare and health of the population.


International law; Public security; State security; Countering environmental crimes; Extremism; Terrorism; Prevention of drug trafficking

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