Background: The modern Russian-Ukrainian relationship has actualized the issue of Lend-Lease, i.e., the supply of military equipment and other weapons for the needs of the Ukrainian army. Today, the historical, military and legal aspects of the implementation of this plan have not been thoroughly investigated, which further actualizes this problem. Methods: In the article historical, structural, retrospective, systematic methods are used. Objective: The purpose of the article is to analyze the foreign experience of Lend-Lease implementation and prospects for Ukraine. Results: The results highlight the historical aspect of the operation of the Lend-Lease program, especially against the background of the Second World War, analyze the Soviet, British, and Chinese work experience, summarize the prospects of using this tool in Ukraine, identify the difficulties that Lend-Lease may face when working in 2022. The historical and practical parallels in the use of this support program are especially emphasized; the legal nuances of American aid and the prospects for its implementation are traced. Conclusions: The conclusions concluded that American aid can lead to qualitative changes in the Ukrainian army, its transition to NATO weapons standards.

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