Mobilization project for securing the biosafety at the national and international levels: organizational and legal support

Alexandr Anatolievich Mokhov, Yury Alexandrovich SVIRIN, Alexey Victorovich Pеkshev, Natalya Semenovna Posulikhina, Eduard Eduardovich Artyukhov


Objective: The purpose of the study was to substantiate the necessity of the mobilization project, to study the correlations between mobilization economy and the mobilization project in the sphere of biosafety. Methods: The problem is developed from the standpoint of general scientific research methods (systemic and theoretical analysis), as well as the historical, comparative-legal, and logical. Results: The article examines the experience of Russia in mobilizing resources for the implementation of projects of strategic importance for society and the state. The authors substantiate the necessity of developing “The Biosafety Securement Project” and the development of scientific, organizational, and legal foundations for the country’s Sanitary Shield. It is argued that fundamental and applied research on biosafety securement is a complex area of scientific, innovative, and applied work driving the accelerated development of not only the “narrow” segment of services, activities, goods, and technologies but biomedicine and biopharmaceuticals as well. Conclusions: The emerging scientific and technological, organizational, and legal base can provide for further realization of the Biomedical Project, and later on – for the Biological Project shaping the outlines of bioeconomy.


Legal Regulation; Biosafety; State sanitary shield; Biotechnology development; Biomedical Project

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