The Local Elections 2020 in Ukraine: Regional Peculiarities and Collaboration of the Political Parties and the Religious Organizations

Yulianna V. Tsvietkova, Andrii F. Mota, Mariia V. Levchuk, Yevgen S. Gerasymenko, Svitlana A. Petrechenko


The changes in the Ukrainian legal system in 2020, which provoke active participation of religious organizations in political issues, make the topic under research relevant. The article studies the collaboration of the political parties and the religious organizations in Ukraine on a case of the local election 2020. The aim of the article is to analyze the peculiarities of this collaboration; its consistency with the legislation of Ukraine and corporate acts of certain religious organizations; the attitude of the religious organizations to these processes; the influence on these processes from the foreign policy and regional differences of Ukraine. The research was conducted within the framework of classical legal methods and techniques such as legal comparative method, legal and historical method, methods of analysis and synthesis, and static method. The main thesis of the article is that the political and religious sympathies of the population of the different regions of Ukraine correlate with their preferences of the foreign-political vectors. Variety of the foreign political orientation amongst the parties and the religious organizations enables every participant to find an ally from the relevant part of the spectrum. 


local elections; local self-government; state and church relations; legal regulation of religious organizations; collaboration.

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