IRINA ANATOLIEVNA KISELEVA, Aziza Muhamadiyaevna Tramova, Tanzilya Khkimovna Sozaeva, Movsar Musaevich Mustaev


Objective: This article attempts to study and model the decision-making process under risk conditions caused by social and political shifts. The main purpose of the article is to identify the major patterns that determine the features of risk assessment in business as the main element contributing to the achievement of economic security of the organization, as well as to conduct a comparative analysis of methods for assessing and managing investment risks. Methods: Methods of cognition, retrospective and documentary analysis, as well as synthesis, generalization, and systematization were used as methods in the performance of the work. In contemporary economic analysis, various methods of decision-making in risky situations are used. Conclusion: The most effective ways to reduce risk in the context of instability of the economic and political situation in Russia are the scenarios based method and the hierarchy analysis method. Besides, the features of decision-making in Internet marketing are considered in the present article.


model; decision-making; investment; risk; risk management

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