Modernization of legal technologies in the field of personal and information security

Vadim Avdeev, Olga Avdeeva, Julia Bulygina, Inga Byzova, Alexey Aksenov


Objective: The article reveals the problems of personal and information security in the context of changing interstate relations, the globalization of international life. The special importance of ensuring personal and information security as an object of legal protection protected by international and national law is noted. Methods: The correlation of the norms in international and national law emphasizes the need to modernize and adopt new normative legal acts of universal and regional significance which can guide the participating countries in updating the national system of law. Results: The priority role is given to the improvement of international and national legal policies aimed at modernizing national legal systems focused on the prevention, counteraction to crimes and offenses that infringe on personal and information security. An effective mechanism of legal regulation for the objects in legal protection is of fundamental importance to ensure personal and information security. Conclusions: Particular attention is focused on solving the issues of detection, disclosure and accurate legal assessment of crimes and offenses that infringe on the interests of individuals, society and the state. The importance of the international community to establish universal standards to ensure personal and information security is emphasized.


Information security; International law; Legal policy; National law; Personal security

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