Alaa Mohammed Alfawaeer, Tariq Kamal Alhasan, Ayman Mamdouh Alfaoury


The current inquiry delves profoundly into the construct of ostensible agency embedded in Jordanian Civil Law. This legal edifice, revered by the judiciary and scholarly luminaries, underpins the protections accorded to bona fide third-party transactors interacting with agents. This is particularly poignant when these agents deviate from their stipulated ambit or operate under a void or rescinded agency. Established legal tenets exonerate a principal from the repercussions of actions by an agent breaching their agency boundaries or operating devoid of authentic authorization. Such actions are statutorily nullified, obliterating subsequent legal consequences. Yet, the empirical legal landscape has borne instances where agency contracts gain validity, imposing binding encumbrances on the principal or mandator towards the bona fide third entity, even amidst agent deceit. A predominant research conundrum emanates from a legislative void: the glaring absence of a codified doctrine for ostensible agency. Intriguingly, Article (833) of Jordanian Civil Law's portrayal of ostensible agency draws critique, notably its omnibus nature enveloping juridical and actual deeds. Notably, jurisprudential narratives lack a cogent definition, merely demarcating its scenarios and stipulations. Consequently, the investigation advances seminal advisories, accentuating the revamping of Article (833) to expressly confine the agency to juridical deeds, and to distinctly sideline testamentary bequests from its scope.


Ostensible agency; Jordanian Civil Law; Juridical structure

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21902/Revrima.v4i42.6566


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