Olga Volchkova, Zoya Silaeva, Anton Krasnov, Madina Ekzekova


The article is devoted to the study of the peculiarities of theoretical and practical implementation of the concept of "civic activism" in the conditions of sustainable development of the state. The authors consider approaches to the definition and semantic content of the concept of "civic activism", reflexion of the theoretical concept into the plane of practical application, taking into account the need to implement the concept of civil society as a prerequisite for sustainable development of the modern state. Given the existing contradictions between the conceptual interpretation of the notion of "civic activism", the authors of the article, considering the approaches and ideas of domestic and foreign researchers, come to the conclusion about the most effective interpretation of the concept of civic activism through the prism of accumulated and expressed political action, as well as in the context of social changes caused by the initiative of formalised social groups expressing their interests and positions. Such directions of theoretical understanding of the concept of "civic activism" are most effectively able to reflect and fill the socio-political practices implemented as a public policy of modern democratic states in order to preserve sustainable progressive development.


Political activism; Civic activity; State development; Civic initiatives; Citizenship; Civil society

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