Svitlana Panchenko, Ivan Bakhov, Ivanna Pavelchuk, Dmytro Kostenko


This paper aims to examine the pilgrimage routes of the holy Apostles, focusing on the transformation of these paths from their historical significance as physical routes to their role as modern forms of communication. The study analyzes the depiction of the holy Apostles' paths in contemporary cinema, which has effectively captured the concept of path transformation and recreated these events in Christian movies based on the Holy Scriptures. The notion of "a path" serves as a metaphor, representing an exaggeration that transcends into the realm of art and culture. It encompasses the entirety of the cultural landscape and incorporates the idea of an "eternal path," symbolizing perpetual searching and movement. Pilgrimage, comprising a physical journey towards a spiritual destination, represents a novel orientation and route—a fusion of old and new elements constantly evolving amidst contemporary temporal challenges. Utilizing a postmodern format—engaging with a tablet and headphones—one can delve into the farthest corners of our Earth in search of the spiritual essence of art and culture. This involves listening to spiritual music, exploring virtual museums and exhibitions, experiencing theatrical productions, or immersing oneself in feature or documentary films depicting the journeys of St. James and St. Paul. Additionally, it involves revisiting the Acts of the Apostles and reimagining their routes with a focus on the modern context.


Religious tourism; Cultural phenomenon; Sacred paths; Social communications; Shrines; Relics; Christian cinematography

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