Nadiia Bortnyk, Kateryna Dobkina, Dmitriy Bezzubov, Oksana Khorvatova, Serhii Palamarchuk, Ivan Bakhov


Contextualization: In today's complex and interconnected world, the issue of public safety has become a matter of paramount concern for governments and societies worldwide. The overarching goal of ensuring public safety involves safeguarding citizens from threats, dangers, and risks that can arise from a multitude of sources, spanning from natural disasters to criminal activities and even global events with far-reaching consequences. The necessity of studying public safety lies in its intrinsic connection to the well-being and stability of a nation.

Objective: The objective of this study is to explore the methodological provision, theoretical understanding, and legal principles in the field of public safety. It aims to identify key themes and concepts related to public safety research and analyze the methodologies and research approaches employed in different countries or jurisdictions.

Methods: The study employs a combination of general (deduction, induction, analysis, synthesis, abstraction, interpretation, and generalization) scientific and special research methods (forecasting, statistical analysis, sociological research, systematic functional analysis, logical and semantic analysis, comparative and legal analysis, systematic structural analysis, and historical analysis).

Results: The collected data, including literature findings and legal documents, were analyzed thematically. The main themes and concepts related to methodological provision, theoretical understanding, and legal principles in public safety were identified and categorized. Comparative analysis was conducted to examine the methodologies and research approaches employed in different countries or jurisdictions to study public safety.


legal methodology; public safety; legal framework

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