Evgenii Mityakov, Sergey Mityakov, Natalia Kulikova, Polina Grosheva, Andrey Ladynin


Contextualization: In the context of Russia's evolving industrial landscape and the global drive towards Industry 4.0 and beyond, understanding the current trends and challenges in the country's industrial development has gained paramount significance.

Objective: This work’s purpose is to study industrial development current trends and features from systematic approach viewpoint, as well factors analysis that contribute to a more effective state industrial policy

Methods: The research employs a multifaceted methodology, including the development of industrial policy formation methods and principles, and the creation of an indicator system for monitoring industrial development.

Results: The study proposes a methodology for country’s industrial development analysis, which includes industrial policy goals determination stage, key monitoring indicators formation, relevant information search and processing, data normalization, aggregated indicators synthesis, indicators interaction analysis results evaluation. Within this framework, country’s industrial development level assessment mechanism is proposed. Statistical data analysis according to the developed methodology made it possible to identify that many indicators fail to achieve their target values. Moreover, negative trend presence in industrial development integral indicator, proofed with relevant data. The paper identifies and presents effective state policy development factors important for industrial growth.


industrial development; industrial policy; monitoring; indicators system; generalized indicator; industrial development factors; systemic approach

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