Olena Baieva, Ivan Bakhov, Yuri Sologub, Olena Rozmetova, Kateryna Veres


Objective: This article aims to present an economic rationale for a model of managing a medical tourism cluster, shedding light on the organizational principles and key components of this vital industry.

Methods: The research employs a systematic approach to delineate the components of the medical tourism cluster, categorizing it into diagnostic and therapeutic, wellness, and beauty tourism.

Results: Developed the map of cluster medical tourism and identifies its main components. Specific interpretations and entity definitions types of medical tourism. Identifies the main international and national associations, which coordinate the activities in the field of medical tourism. Justified model of the cluster management medical tourism, developed the organizational structure of a public organization that performs a coordinating influence on the activity of the cluster of medical tourism.

Conclusion: In conclusion, this research provides valuable insights into the organizational and economic aspects of managing a medical tourism cluster. By delineating the structure, stakeholders, and coordination mechanisms, it offers a robust framework for enhancing the competitiveness of the medical tourism industry.


Tourism; Medical tourism; International tourism; Tourism management regulation

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