Tatiana Ksenofontova, Anna Bezdudnaya, Marina Treyman, Roman Smirnov, Dmitry Yudin, Vladimir Volnenko, Ekaterina Ksenofontova


Objective: The purpose of the research is to study the mechanism of intra-corporate entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship as one of the company’s innovative drivers, as well as giving suggestions for implementing elements of intrapreneurial activities of organizations. Methods: The methods used in the course of the study include analysis and synthesis, as well as induction and deduction. Results: The essence of intrapreneurship is creating one (or several) departments, services, or divisions at the enterprise, which will be endowed with a certain scope of economic independence and responsibility. These divisions will assume the status of intra-corporate centers that would allow the implementation of relevant and cost-effective business ideas. The most important component of intra-corporate entrepreneurship, certainly, is the organization’s staff. It should be noted that intra-corporate coaches should not only have unique professional knowledge and competencies but also be leaders and have the strongest personal qualities, as well as motivation. Conclusion: The scientific novelty of the present research consists in making suggestions in the field of employee motivation for intra-corporate coaching activities and forming a methodology based on these proposals. The development of intrapreneurship is one of the promising innovative ways and mechanisms for the development of contemporary enterprises and companies.


Innovation management; Innovation; Intra-company entrepreneurship; Intra-corporate entrepreneurship.

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