Background: The authors consider new ideas in solving current problems in the contemporary Ukrainian cinema space. Emphasis is placed on postmodernism in cinema; works, scientific research, thesis research, scripts, and films in which postmodern techniques are used are analyzed. Objective: The authors consider the main sources of the emergence of postmodernism, the principles of functioning of postmodern cinema, and the main features of postmodern cinema. Results: As a result of the research, the authors found that the characteristic features of postmodern discourse are: intertextuality, citationality, change of traditional forms, moral and ethical marginality; contempt for any canons, total uncertainty, and interpretation of the world as an amorphous, multivariate self-developing reality. Conclusion: For the development of Ukrainian culture, it is necessary to introduce postmodern interpretations into contemporary cinema in order to follow the transformation of creative processes from primary sources to contemporary creative forms in cinema, which testifies to the contemporary approach to the development of Ukrainian cinema.


Ukraine; Postmodernism; Culture

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