Viktor Tsekhanovych, Dmytro Bizonych, Nataliia Larina, Svitlana Moskalenko, Dmytro Snizhko


Objective: The purpose of the article is to study the possibility of the process of decentralization of management based on Euroregional development. Methods: The methodological basis of the research is scientific research, as well as special methods: concrete-historical, used when considering the historical prerequisites for the formation of decentralization; comparative and statistical analysis of facts and phenomena, their synthesis, was used to study the evolution of the public administration system, the development of the regulatory framework; predictive to summarize the independent characteristics of processed materials; dialectical method and systems analysis. Results: decentralization radically changes the role of the central government, which should shift the emphasis to the coordination and coordination of political goals, monitoring the success of regions and communities, ensuring the balanced development of all parts of the national territory through an active policy of regional development. Conclusions: the conditions for carrying out structural reforms on the basis of providing local government with a number of ways to expand its management functions. Decentralization should create favorable conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation between subjects and participants of Euroregions on the Ukraine-EU border, which should lead to the socio-economic development of the regions and an increase in the standard of living of the population.


Decentralization; Euroregions; Government; Policy.

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