The concept of European administrative space and its implementation in European countries

Vitalii Oksin, Kostyantyn Babenko, Iryna M. Sopilko, Sergiy O. Yuldashev, Ksenii S. Tokarieva


The interaction of legal systems at the interstate level in the framework of the activities of international organizations of integration leads to the emergence of a common legal space that regulates various aspects of the life of the subjects of interstate relations. The modern understanding of European principles of administrative law, which are in fact European standards of administrative law, was formed under the influence of the implementation of administrative systems, which became the dominant of their evolutionary movement. The purpose of the article is to clarify the meaning of the concept of European administrative space, to determine the principles of the European administrative space, its conditions and implementation mechanism. A set of modern general scientific methods and approaches was used to realize the goals and objectives of the study, namely: system approach, system analysis, historical, comparative, decomposition method, induction, deduction and analogy. This study analyzes the concepts and principles of the European administrative space. The factors and conditions of implementation of the European administrative space are investigated and the implementation of European principles of administrative management on the example of Poland is analyzed. The practical significance of the obtained results is confirmed by the fact that the theoretical provisions, conclusions, proposals and recommendations presented in the work will contribute to the improvement of administrative principles, rules, procedures and regulations. They can be used, in particular, in the research field as a theoretical basis for solving existing problems, in lawmaking - in the preparation of proposals for draft regulations relating to this area. The choice of research methods is determined by the purpose and features of the object of knowledge.


European administrative space; European governance; European principles of administrative law; public administration; European administrative law; principles of European administrative law.

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