Henrique Tofoli Vieira MACHADO, Luis Gustavo Alves SILVA, Ronaldo Gonçalves da SILVA, Mateus de Lima RIBEIRO, Flavio Augusto NAOUM, Jusciele Brogin MORELI


Introduction: The prevalence of smoking and its health risks remain high. Considered a predictor for cardiovascular diseases, health interventions and policy changes regarding tobacco consumption are increasingly necessary to reduce morbidity and mortality in the population.

Aims: To identify the measures used to reduce smoking impact on mortality from cardiovascular diseases.

Materials and Methods: Systematic review study using PubMed, SciELO and VHL databases to search for studies published from 2017 to 2022. The search was conducted considering the terms cigarettes, “smoking'', “heart disease”, “mortality”, “rates” and “reduce”. The article's quality was assessed using the Study Quality Assessment Tool from the Department of Health and Human Services (NHLBI).

Results: A total of 29 studies were identified; 13 studies were eligible and included. The most prevalent ischemic and non-ischemic cardiovascular diseases associated with smoking were coronary heart disease, ischemic heart, stroke and heart attack. The increase in cigarette taxes and tobacco products, the use of pictorial warning labels on cigarette packaging, implementation of the Tobacco Control Law were the measures that demonstrated a significant reduction in mortality rates from cardiovascular diseases associated with smoking, followed by initiatives of public health and health education and prevention.

Conclusion: Economic measures,  especially those that attributed an increase in the price of cigarettes and tobacco-related products, educational and public health initiatives positively impacted the reduction of smoking, and minimization of morbidity, mortality of individuals from cardiovascular diseases and health expenses.

Keywords: tobacco; cardiovascular disease; morbidity; mortality; health impact assessment.  





tobacco; cardiovascular disease; morbidity; mortality; health impact assessment.

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