Morozov Igor, Valeriy Vladimirovich Shlychkov, Guzel Azatovna Khaziakhmetova, Diana Rustamovna Nestulaeva


The leading role in the socio-economic development of the state is played by regions as territorially separate units with their own resource systems and institutional environments of economic management. Disproportions arising in assessing the effectiveness of their functioning are largely due to structural differences in the economic systems of regions and differences in the efficiency of reproduction of economic potential. Thus, the paper traces the difference between the phenomena of resource and economic potentials of a region. To meet that aim, Logical and epistemological analysis as well as descriptive approach are utilized. Given the results, the philosophical doctrine of the heart of the matter, the essence, and the being allowed us to reveal the quintessence of regional economic potential in the system of institutionalized relations between business entities regarding the actualization, evaluation, development, and application of creative properties characterising the elements of regional resource system. It is determined that the transformation of potential into the capital of the like represents the content of the economic realization process concerning the region's potential of the like


economic potential; economic potential; region; institutional entrepreneurship; economic policy

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